Thursday, November 11, 2010

That's Racist!...

If I saw a black man walking around town in a predominantly white area of town, say Greenville or Hockessin, and I said to him "hey black boy! What you doin' down here?" Would that be racist? What if I was with a friend and said to the friend "Hey look Joe, look at that black boy." That'd be racist, no?

I wonder then, how is it not racist when those comments are directed at me, a "white boy" by someone of a different skin tone simply because I happen to be walking in an area of the city where you don't see many white folks?

On a related note, I've been stopped twice in as many months by cops who said some variation of "Oh, you don't want to walk down that way." Did I mention I how much I dislike walking into a bad part of the city at night?

Wilmington's slogan is "A place to be somebody." On one of the welcome signs entering the city the word "Be" has been scratched out and the word "Kill" carved in. Sadly the amended sign rings true given the violent crime & murder rates we have here. The city would probably pass more gun control if not for Delaware having preemption. Surely that'd stop the violence, just like it has in DC and Chicago.

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Sabra said...

Because I am easily amused, I wind up in a fit of giggles every time someone knocks on the door and is visibly surprised when a white woman answers it.

I grew up in a majority-black neighborhood much like the one I live in now, and one thing you find out pretty quickly is that Leonard Pitts is full of shit when he claims that black folks can't be racist.