Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blood dancing in Delaware

How do you know a politician is a gun-grabbing scumbag? When he invites the family members of Virginia Tech shooting victims to speak to a committee in favor of new gun control laws.

I have no problem calling Gov. Jack Markell a scumbag. I have zero respect for politicians who show outright contempt for my rights and for the very Delaware Constitution they swore an oath to uphold. I have even less respect for those who dance in the blood of the dead and use appeals to emotion to influence public policy that would infringe upon my rights.

Of the NRA's opposition to his gun grabbing Markell said,

"They think we're going to roll over, and we're not,"

Sorry Jack, but the NRA and Delaware citizens aren't going to let you roll roughshod over the Delaware Constitution. You want a fight and you're going to get it. I hope you don't mind running to Sarah Brady & Paul Helmke and crying in their arms when you lose.

One of the things Markell wants is to close the non-existent "gun show loophole." There are only one or two small gun shows in the entire state of Delaware each year and there haven't been issues at these shows. This helps to highlight just how dishonest Markell and his ilk are being when they claim we need such a law.

I notice that WDEL refers to his gun control proposals as "gun safety." Gun grabbers are simply doing what liberals have done for years. They attempt to rebrand themselves with shiny new words when one becomes negative and unpopular. All bigots do this. It's the only way they can appear to be more moderate than they really are.

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Linoge said...

It may sound cold to say, but being related to someone who was murdered by someone using a firearm does not make that family member an expert on firearm-related crime, firearm-related laws, or anything firearm related whatsoever. Their opinions on the matter are no more valid, binding, or useful than anyone else's.

But, then, exploiting victims' tragedies has always been a stand-by of the anti-rights cultists....