Friday, March 18, 2011

A sad day for beer drinkers

Dogfish Head Brewery is pulling out of Tennessee, Wisconsin, Rhode Island and Indiana.* I feel for you folks. I can get pretty much any Dogfish I want around here save for very limited run beers. Usually the worst that happens is I might have to go to a 2nd liquor store to find Burton Baton.

The good news? The reason for pulling out is that they simply can't keep up with demand. I'm noticing quite a few folks that are angry about this, but you have to remember that Dogfish is a relatively small Brewery that has seen a major increase in popularity (and demand) recently. I am sure that they'll be back in the market in those states as soon as they can get production and distribution ramped up.

*I'm happy to say I've had every Dogfish pictured in the article.

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