Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Strange, very strange

I had two very strange dreams last night that I can actually remember.

In the first sumdood was trying to break down the door of the apartment. I went to reach for the 1911 but knocked it off the nightstand. When it hit the carpeted floor it broke into pieces and I just stood there hopelessly looking at it. Then, for no reason at all sumdood stopped trying to break in. Odd.*

In the 2nd I was drinking a few beers while washing my car. I went inside to grab old t-shirts and when I came back out a group of smarmy kids was sitting on my car drinking my Dogfish! When I came out they gave me a bunch of lip and told me to "chill out" so I called the cops. Then, when the cops showed up they stole my beer too and hammed it up with the asshole kids, telling them how much of a schmuck I was.

I have no idea what either of those dreams might mean, but damn were they odd. Clearly the 2nd one is a clear indicator that I'm old. I mean hell I called the cops on some kids for underage drinking like I was some crotchety old fogie.

*made even more odd by the fact that the DW wasn't on the nightstand last night.

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Christopher said...

I used to have a recurring dream that someone was after me trying to kill me or something and I drew my pistol and go to pull the trigger and I can't pull it. The strength in my trigger finger just disappears and right as I'm about to die I wake up.