Saturday, March 26, 2011

What's that smell?

Ah yes, another uneventful Saturday open carrying in the land of mushroom farms.

What's that smell? Smells like freedom to me, mixed with the wonderfully pungent smell of mushroom farm manure. ;)

I met mom for lunch, got a haircut, dropped by the hardware store and got groceries at the store where I used to work as a teen.

The grocery store was busy and packed full of little old ladies and women with their kids. Sadly I didn't run into fellow Delawarean Sarah Brady. It's sad really, I'm sure the explosive PSH from Sarah would've been hilarious and legendary.

All in all my fellow Americans got to see a young man in black dress slacks, a polo shirt and a faded baseball cap help his mom and go about his business just like them. Every day OC'ing should be just like this. (most are)

I'm polite, unassuming, and even with the slight limp I don't stand out. I'm just like them, the only difference being I have a Sig on my hip. That's exacly what you want people to see.

Why am I writing this boring tale? Im writing it because mom had previously been very reluctant to go places with me while I OC'd. She's always worried about how folks will react. Today I got to show her. It was a good day.

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bluesun said...

Is that like three WIN's in one?

Good on ya!

FightinBluHen51 said...

When your mom doesn't mind being around you while OC'ing, it means one's normal and we're winning.

Linoge said...

Please, MikeB, tell us exactly what "harm" Mike W.'s firearms have ever done?

Be specific. Be descriptive.

Or could it be that you are continuing to rely on a repeatedly-disproven, nonsensical "study" that was intentionally fabricated to cast firearm-owners and -carriers in a bad light? Nah... fat chance of you admitting to that.

Anywise, Mike W., your story perfectly describes damned near every single time I have open carried - no one cared, no one reacted, and the people in general got to see a polite, reasonably-dressed individual lawfully carrying a firearm in public and not shooting up the joint - contrary to the specious myths MikeB and his ilk spread. The few times people did notice, it was an educational, positive experience for all - go figure.

Laura said...

MikeB, I've known Mike for...god, I believe 8 years now. I've watched him grow from a dorky kid in high school, to a college student, to the man he is today, and I'm proud to call him my friend.

I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's more of a man you could ever dream to be.

Mike W. said...

The bigoted troll is obviously too dense to understand WHY his comments get deleted, despite my explaining it numerous times. I refuse to allow my blog to drive traffic to his vile sight. Comment that was deleted is in full below.

"Attention "asshattery" coming.

Mike W., You're a silly little mamma's boy pretending to be a man and the gun helps you do that.

The problem is, if you were honest enough and unbiased enough, you'd see that your little gun does more harm than good. To see that would be to admit you've been wrong about a few things, though. Fat chance of that, huh?"

And yes, I am a mamma's boy and I'm definitely silly. Why thank you. According to Breda I'm not a man, so you might just be on to something? :P

Lawyer said...

I open carry when I can, weather permitting. I have come to realize that, for the most part, around here people don't even give me a second glance.

Yes, we are winning.

Weer'd Beard said...

Obnoxious troll is obnoxious.

What rig and piece were you OCing?

Mike W. said...

Weer'd - Sig P6 in a Blackhawk Serpa. Carry load is 124gr. Fed. HST.

Black gun, black holster, black leather jacket & black slacks might have helped me not be so conspicuous.

Mike W. said...

Bluesun - It's totally made of win.

FBH - Yup, slowly but surely, yet some would say I'm damaging the "cause"

Linoge & Lawyer - Yup, I've gotten some reactions, but no one running from me screaming. Most folks are in their own little world and don't even notice. To be honest I'm more worried personally about the police than anyone else.

Laura - Got the rolla @ 16, so probably 9 years now. Thanks for the kind words. I'd say the same about you, and you're just as goofy as you were back then.

As for your last sentence. I totally agree, but then the cowardly troll is just doing what all anti-gunners do. He's projecting.

Laura said...

well, i got the red corolla in early summer 2003, and i found Toyota boards shortly after