Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When will TSA idiocy end?

The chef of One Flew South, a restaurant at Atlanta international Airport has to chain his kitchen knives to the table per TSA rules. I'd say I'm suprised but the idiocy of the TSA is legendary. I'm almost surprised they don't expect him to cook without the use of any sharp cutting utensils whatsoever.


ASM826 said...

But not the forks?

Everything can be a weapon. Everything. A rolled up magazine, a scarf, an umbrella, a pen, your thumb.

The whole business is out of control, but it will not stop until people just refuse to fly.

bluesun said...

This just makes me think: "Forbidden Fruit Syndrome." Now that their chained down, someone is going to see them and think "Hmmmm... a challenge!"

Anonymous said...

Sooo, you think it would be better to just leave the knives laying around? Maybe I'm missing something here. ASM826 complains that anything can be used as a weapon, I know- kill you with my matchbook, but most goofballs would find it a lot easier to use a knife than a scarf, pen, thumb.