Monday, April 18, 2011

Computerless blogging

Trying to blog when all you have is an iPhone is a real pain in the ass.

More short beer blogging here perhaps?

I might be able to swipe my sister's Macbook for the NRA con in case Falnfenix can't get my Eee working.

Jess is the one who's been "borrowing" my HP for months now. That'll teach me not to loan stuff out "for a few days."

Here's a picture of a beer. Why? Because on a Monday most of us could use one. I know I could, given the crappy week I had.

As an aside, I love that Dogfish slogan. I am definitely "Off-centered people."

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Dave said...

Well now there's a glass I need to get. OffCenterMass is the fake identity I chose when I realized I didn't want people googling my real name to stumble onto my gun blog :).

Mike W. said...

David - You can buy those pink glasses via the Dogfish website.

Laura said...

we have a spare laptop. if, for some reason, we can't get the Eee working, you can lug my big Dell for the trip.

worst case, though? i'll just pull your settings/data and rebuild it from scratch. it would probably benefit from it, anyway.