Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My kind of woman

Robert Dewitt writes a positive article about women and guns and uses his sisters experience as an example for other women. Mr. DeWitt's sister sounds like a strong, independent woman. I think her story exemplifies exactly why we need to introduce more women to the shooting sports, or, at a minimum, demystify firearms and teach women to safely handle them.

"She went to her bedroom, pulled a little .410 Mossberg pump shotgun from under the bed and stuffed a couple of shells in the magazine. Then she walked to the door, racked the pump action, throwing a shell into the magazine, and told the boyfriend the police were on their way but that he could come on in if he wanted what was waiting for him. "

We need more women like this and fewer of the type the contemporary "feminist" movement seems to want to churn out. Thankfully, we are winning on this front as well. *I'll forgive the author for all of the "racking a pump action shotgun is the scariest thing a criminal can hear."

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