Thursday, April 14, 2011

Posting will be light

So my antivirus expired late last night around midnight* and within hours my little EeePC went all haywire. In addition to other wonkiness it's showing all folders in my C: Drive as empty, although going into properties says otherwise. 

My D: partition seems fine and thankfully I'd backed up all my music and some of my gun stuff. (though all pics of the DW are gone) Unfortunately there was a bunch of stuff I hadn't yet backed up, like last years NRA Con pics and a mostly written CP post.  I may or may not rewrite that and post it. We'll see. I was going to pull everything off it next week before Pittsburgh.  Funny how that works eh?

So the Eee is currently in a non-usable state and since my short-term "loaning" of my primary laptop to my sister turned into a semester long loan I'm currently computerless. Crap.  I also had a mostly written CP post, which I may or may not rewrite and post. We'll see.

*yeah I know, renew it before it expires.  I hadn't renewed because I'd been meaning to switch to something other than Norton.


Laura said...

if you don't get it fixed by the end of the month, bring it with you and we'll get it running.

NotClauswitz said...

I use the free anti-virus stuff from Avira on my "mainframe" and the little Asus EeePC travel unit.
Hope you get it back up and running quickly.

Mike W. said...

Thanks Laura!

I "think" I know what it is. Looks to be some malicious malware. Roomie is gonna look at it tonight. With any luck he'll get it running.

If it's what I think it is then nothing has actually disappeared from my HDD, it just looks like it has.

On a side note this is why you

1. Backup regularly, more regularly than I've been doing.

2. Have one websurfing "throwaway" computer. My Eee is my "throwaway."

KurtP said...


All free.

Christina RN LMT said...

I use Avast!, which is free and has worked out very well for me.

Alan said...

I use Linux and OS X.

Just the thought of having to use Windows makes me shudder. You poor people.

Mike W. said...

We can't all be as cool as you Alan...

Laura said...

i'm posting what i just emailed you for the benefit of the masses.

download the following and put them on a thumb drive:

boot your computer into safe mode ( and run Combofix and let it do its thing. it WILL reboot, and you will want to ensure it goes into safe mode again. once that's done, run superantispyware. it should catch whatever combofix didn't.

assuming that gets everything, install AVG ( if that DOESN'T get everything, it means the malware is probably buried in the registry and isn't something i can easily troubleshoot remotely.

Link P said...

Actually it is easy to be as cool as Alan. It works great on the Asus EeePC.

Gun Holsters said...

Get the AVG Free. 2011 version is out.

Mike W. said...

Have AVG Free. Neither it, Combofix nor SuperSpywareBlaster have fixed the problem, nor moving my important files over and deleting user accounts.