Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quote of the day - Mom

My mom on arguing with my Opa about taxes, liberalism, Obamacare during her trip out west last week.

"Now I understand why you guys like to argue with him so much."

Mom makes me smile. My Opa* is one of those people, bless his heart, who has an extremely hard time having a rational conversation. He gets extremely angry, upset, emotional & red in the face when we argue with him about politics and it is oh so easy to get a rise out of him. I doubt he realizes it but he generally has very poor control of his emotions. I've seen him go on little tirades often enough that I'll find myself apologizing to complete strangers for his behavior. He's also a diehard liberal and an anti-gunner.

Mom simply mentioned that she was pissed off about taxes (and trust me, she should be) and my Opa immediately started on about how those taxes pay for all kinds of essential services. He really took exception once mom voiced her displeasure with Obamacare. He's one of those liberals who bought all the lies about Obamacare hook, line & sinker and will stick with the Democrat through thick & thin, no matter how ineffective his/her policy decisions are.

Anyway, the discussion quickly denigrated into a kind of "uh huh!" "nah ah!" shouting match that my mom egged on simply because it amused her and she knew her position was right.

Mom now understands why arguing with liberals can occasionally be an entertaining exercise. It's the inevitable blow up that makes it fun.

I'll admit I more often than not find it boring and tedious these days. Their arguments are so simple, illogical, unoriginal and easily refuted. Their reactions and the progression of the discussion are so predictable that it takes most of the fun & thought out of it.

*he's my Opa by marriage not by blood.


Alan said...

What is an Opa? I don't think we have those in Texas.

Mike W. said...

Opa is German for "Grandpa"

Weer'd Beard said...

I think I wanna buy your Mom a beer...or whatever, she seems like a heck of a lady.

No idea why her son's such an asshole! ; )

Mike W. said...

Mom doesn't drink beer (hey, no one's perfect) but I'll tell ya what. You can buy one for her and this asshole will drink it.

Hell she rarely ever drinks, but it is crazy funny on the rare occasion she has a couple drinks and gets sloshed.

Weer'd Beard said...

My Mom is a wine drinker, and the occasional gormet mixed drink.

She's recently taken a shine to Belgain whites. Dad loves it because he can finally sit down and have a beer with his wife (Again, maybe because she might have drank beers back in her hippie misspent youth)

Good times!