Friday, April 15, 2011

Shooting Illustrated - Shooting and Cerebral Palsy

Bob Boyd has an article in Shooting Illustrated about the likelihood of disabled* people being the victims of violent crime.  It makes sense, since violent criminals are predatory and will cue on things that say "this person might be an easy mark."

Mr. Boyd has cerebral palsy and I'm very much looking forward to what he has to say on this subject in subsequent articles.

Hell, that's a post I need to write myself, since Breda's BB & Guns went off the air before she could get a "Gimps & Guns" show together.  I had planned to call into that instead of writing a post.

*I still don't like the term "disabled," but don't mind me.  I suppose it's an accurate term.

H/T to Uncle


breda said...

I deeply regret not being able to do that BB&G show.

Mike W. said...

Shit happens. Maybe one day you'll have another radio show :)

Sabra said...

This is why I am constantly on Erik's case to get a CHL. Sigh. Soon as the money's there he's going, even if I have to make the arrangements myself.

Mike W. said...

I don't have one either Sabra. If I want to carry round here I have to OC, and that's not always doable.