Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TSA - Making me angry

TSA molests a 6 year old girl.

Children are supposed to receive a "modified pat down." If this is the "modified" version I'd hate to see how intrusive the standard patdown is.

Yes, I refer to it as molestation because that is exactly what this is. The fact that it's being done by some low level government thug doesn't change what this is. If anyone but a government agent did this to someone's child they'd be brought up on charges.

I can't help but wonder what long-term damage we are doing to our children by subjecting them to this kind of abuse. It clearly upsets kids, as it should, but it also teaches them to cowtow to authority at a young age. We're teaching little kids that some incompetent bum in a position of "authority" can touch them in ways that have never been acceptable until now. We're teaching them that being dehumanized, fondled and humiliated by "the man" is perfectly acceptable.

It is not acceptable. Not now, not ever. Kids need to understand that. Things like this make me glad I don't have kids, because I'm not sure I'd be able to stand there politely and watch my little girl go through that.

I swear to god the terrorists must be elated watching things like this occur as if they are acceptable and commonplace in what is supposed to be a free country.


Nancy R. said...

Oh, hell no. My father was put in Hospice care last week and is halfway across the country. I told my family that when the time comes, I will be driving out with Sweet Daughter. No flying. No way, no how.

Weer'd Beard said...

Hate rage!

Fucking government sponsored perverts!

I hope this bill passes, and other states follow.

Linoge said...

When my parents (in Washington State) are coming out to visit us (in Tennessee), they will be driving - they will spend five days on the road, each way, just to spend 5-7 days with us... and just to avoid disgusting bullcrap like this. Unless work dictates otherwise, I will be following their example... speaking of, I need to start researching a train ticket out that way sometime soon.

Mike W. said...

Linoge - I would LOVE to be able to do that, but time constraints & work dictate that I pretty much have to fly anywhere that's outside of one day's driving distance.

Nancy - I'm sorry to hear that. Your father will be in my thoughts. Can't blame you for not wanting to subject SD to this bullshit.

Weer'd - That's awesome! Fat chance of liberal Mass or Delaware following NH's lead though.