Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Behold the goofy

I love goofiness, and with my family there's no shortage of goofy.  Whether it's my little sis making faces that make you wonder if she's even human, silly string fights even at my age, or my sisters walking round with massive artificial badonkadonks and purposefully knocking em' into things, there's usually some kind of antics happening when everyone's back home.

Over Easter we thought we'd turn the tables on Mom & Dad and throw them an Easter egg hunt filled with clues, plastic eggs and "prizes"  The image of my mom, in the yard on all fours, looking for eggs had me absolutely cracking up.

Anyway, here's a small sampling of the clues we made up.  Yep, we're definitely oddballs.  The 1st was my contribution.  My dad is a bit of a cookie monster, so growing up I'd hide cookies & sweets I didn't want to disappear in the back of our liquor cabinet.

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