Monday, May 16, 2011


"We think people are inspirational when they do things we didn’t think they were capable of. People tend to think I’m inspirational because they don’t have high expectations of people with disabilities. They say I’ve accomplished so much on crutches, and I have to wonder, if I wasn’t on crutches, would people say what I’ve accomplished is really mediocre?”

- Cort Schneider

Exactly.  You make due with the hand you've been dealt and simply live your life.  Is that really "inspirational" just because you happen to have a "disability" or is it just you being yourself?

or, as Breda said in comments to this post,

"I never understood the praise either...people saying,"Oh, I admire you so much."
And I'm always like, "For what? For just living my life?"

If you're going to admire someone admire them despite their disability, not because of it.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

I admire Breda. I like her writing. And she gets along pretty well for such a short person. She probably has to carry bricks in her pockets so that the wind doesn't blow her away. You have to admire a person who writes so well with bricks in her pockets.

Sabra said...

I am driving myself crazy trying to come up with a response that doesn't make me sound like a patronizing ass. Let me put it this way. Any time you--or anyone--does something difficult, it means more than any other person doing the same thing, if it comes easily. This is why we care as a society when someone from a single-parent household gets into an Ivy League university, but not when one of the Bush twins does.