Saturday, May 7, 2011

Man with a gun!

Oh no!  A man with a gun! Run for the hills! A man with a gun ran a few errands and then brought his mom out to lunch as an early Mother's Day gift.  Then, a man with a gun walked around in the park this afternoon with two labs, two mom's, a baby and a tiny young woman who makes pocket sized folks like Breda look giant.

He passed by couples, women & children, families, joggers, walkers, and teenagers playing frisbee golf.  Despite this, the most interaction he had with any fellow park attendees was when a young man and his girlfriend who stopped next to him to "awwwww" at the families of geese and goslings and discuss whether or not they were ducks or geese.

Freedom, fresh air, pups, and a little quality time with my mom* this Mother's Day weekend...all while exercising my rights in the purest manner possible.  Ain't freedom grand?

*Mom was behind the camera of course.


John Richardson said...

That's a good looking chocolate Lab!

Mike W. said...

Thanks, that's my Zachary! He's 8 now. He's a bit overweight right now though. Just now getting him on a diet and exercise routine. He used to be ripped, now he's wide around the middle.

Old NFO said...

Good for y'all! :-)

breda said...

Wonderful! And you look so good OCing! Good for you!

Mike W. said...

NFO - Thanks. Mom's gotten used to it, but the other lady was a little weirded out at first. She quickly got over it and mentioned how safe mom & I would've been at lunch had someone tried to rob the place.

Breda - Thanks! And yep, I agree, OC upps my sex appeal. Just think, had I been OC'ing the Dan Wesson I'd have looked so good, so hot that I'd have been smoldering. ;) Hah!