Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not the gun

A 23 year old Wilmington man gets shot during a basketball game in a shady area of Wilmington.  There are no suspects and no one has come forward with any information for police.  That's SOP for most shootings in the city.

Of course the News Journal's Ira Porter has to throw in something about homicides and the State's efforts to "strengthen gun laws," as if there's some connection there.

Wilmington City Councilman Kevin Kelley seems to think it's the guns that are the problem

"Kelley said guns are a common factor for all crime in Wilmington and there needs to be a way to solve this issue."

There's not a legislative fix for this.  It's a cultural problem.  The gun laws are fairly uniform statewide here in DE, yet our murders and overall violent crime remain largely a Wilmington problem.  That tells me the problem lies with Wilmington, it's people, criminal culture, corrupt citiy government and inept police force.


Robert McDonald said...

Thank you cultural relativism!

Chris said...

You can't use logic. These are politicians, the two don't mix.

Bob S. said...

Police said several people were at the court, but no one reported seeing anything.

I see that "Don't Snitch" isn't only in Chicago. It is amazing that people playing basketball can't identify -- won't identify -- the murderer.

"It isn't getting any better, and summer's coming," Kelley said. During summer months, police usually see a spike in crime.

If firearms are the problem, do they gain more power during the summer months?

Maybe exposure to the sun gives them super powers.

Gunmart said...

"Guns are a common factor for all crime in Wilmington and there needs to be a way to solve this issue."

Substitute the word "blacks" or "hispanics" or "whites" or whatever you so desire for "guns" and then see how it sounds.

Weer'd Beard said...

Same goes for shootings at basketball games (or stabbings for that matter) in Boston.

The Gangs control those parts of the city, not the police. If somebody comes forward with information for the police they know they'll be murdered too, and likely their family members too.

"Snitches get Stitches"

This has nothing to do with guns (obviously because of all the stabbing and beating deaths) nor does it have to do with tools at all.

This is all about gangs...and frankly gangs are powered by drugs and prostitution. Make those legal acts and the gangs vanish.

Newbius said...

"Criminals are a common factor for all crime in Wilmington and there needs to be a way to solve this issue." (FIFY)

How about actually forcing them to serve their complete sentences? Or, maybe, inviting Federal prosecution for the gun crime violations-which carry mandatory minimums of 5-15 years of Hard Fed Time depending on the crime committed? Or, getting the **** out of the way of an armed citizenry?

Just saying...

Geodkyt said...

Silly, W'eerd,

Snitches don't get Stitches.

Dead people don't need stitches.

The problem is that the friends and families of snitches often get stitches.

All I've got to say on that note is that a criminal implying that my family faces disfigurement or injury because a goblin wishes revenge or intimidation is not a rational method of ensuring compliance on my part with any reasonable likelhood of success. It is, however, a wonderful way to engage in first person Darwinism, should that criminal be sufficiently believable that I feel his proposed course of action to be real and present. I would say the probability of an adverse reaction on my part to such an offer approaches unity. {grin}

Weer'd Beard said...

Geodkyt, my apologies. "Snitches get their throats slit and are found naked in an alley, and their families homes get routinely broken into, and their sister gets raped"

Doesn't seem to fit on a T-Shirt or in a Rap Lyric very well.

MJM said...

I do suggest public hangings for first degree murderers, on the court square, at high noon, on a busy Friday. The culture learned, somehow, that murdering was OK. Now, someone has to start teaching the opposite.