Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ohio, guns in bars! Oh no!

The Ohio house finally got Ohio in line with the rest of the country and got rid of their ridiculous law prohibiting CCW in "bars."  Keep in mind that "bars" for the purposes of "guns in bars" discussions actually means "any place that serves alcohol."  Delaware has no such restrictions.  I could head down to Iron Hill Brewery in Wilmington with a 1911 on my hip.  Hell, I could even have a pint of Raspberry Wheat while there, though I'd personally choose to forgo the beer.

Imagine if there was hysteria because people were *gasp* allowed to drive a several ton vehicle to and from a place where alcohol could be easily consumed.  Oh wait, you mean people already do this everyday and 99.999% of them don't suddenly feel compelled to get smashed & drive drunk anytime they enter an establishment where they can buy a beer?

Guess what?  CCW holders aren't getting smashed and shooting up bars & restaurants just because it's legal for them to walk in while carrying.  It's been legal to carry in places that serve booze for as long as I can remember in Delaware (and PA) and we haven't had any issues.  None!  Anti's talk about the potential for bad things to happen, yet as is always the case they are engaging in nothing more than fanatical fearmongering.  They're using scare tactics on what reality tells us is a complete non-issue.

Truth be told I can't recall a single news story of an OC'er or CCW holder getting hammered and shooting up a Delaware bar or restaurant. You'll have to excuse me for having no respect for some commenters at the news story link who think this is somehow a bad idea.  I especially love the idiots who say they want to leave Ohio now, clearly not realizing that it's already legal in most of the U.S.  If guns in bars is clearly a non-issue in my state why would it be a problem in Ohio, Tennessee etc.?


bluesun said...

Montana has that stupid rule, too. Nevermind if you are just going in for a pizza slice, if they serve beer too then you're sunk.

bluesun said...

...and I just realized that every comment I leave here is about Montana, even though I no longer live there.

North said...

Nothing wrong with your state love, bluesun.

The Duck said...

We had one incident in Ohio, no shots fired so it didn't make the news but a License holder went in a bar, and started drinking,, told some biker dude he was going to shoot him, and the biker replied he had a pipe, when the sheriff got there, the License holder was outside beat to a pupl, begging to go to jail

Patrick said...

Technically, no we haven't yet. Either one of the bills has to be passed in the opposite chamber and then go to the governor for signing. Should be next week.