Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things I hate

I hate it when I write posts that are such pieces of crap that they just sit, languishing in the draft doldrums because they're not worth posting.


North said...

I hate it when you are not including me in your blog roll. I hate having to say thank you if you do. And I hate anxiously waiting to read your new posts, which I hate reading.

North said...

Thank you, dammit.

Laura said...

lol, North. yer silly. :P

Weer'd Beard said...

I've started many a post and before I was done said "yeah this sucks" then dump it.

The nice thing about being a news and politics blog is there's always new stuff, so the old stuff you can just dump.

As for personal stuff that aren't time sensitive, its your personal stuff, why keep a draft that is sub-par. Just dump it and wait for the muse to revisit you on silken wings!

And I'm with North, your blog sucks anyway, and I never read! ; ]