Saturday, June 25, 2011

Guns in Bars - the bloody aftermath

I'm sure you all remember the anti-gun hysteria last year when Tennesee passed their "Guns in bars" law. There was all kinds of "shootout at the OK Corral" fearmongering from the anti-gun bigots and they fought the law change tooth & nail.

As is always the case with the anti-gunners, reality has proven them wrong. One year later and Tennessee has had no issues with CCW holders being able to pack heat in places that serve alcohol. Imagine that!

Someone alert violent anti-gun bigots like Southern Beale.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Yeah, the Antis are screaming about the Same thing up here in Buckeye Land with our Guns in Bars Law. Trouble is, you can carry concealed, unless there's a sign on the Door saying "No Guns Allowed" but you're not allowed to drink. So it's good for all 200+ Teetotalers that have CCW permits, and those that want to hit TGIFridays for lunch, but that's all. Nothing like Lidia's is allowed. But from the Antis Reaction, you'd think there'll more Blood spilled than Floodwater in Minot, N.D. coming.

Linoge said...

Ahh, SoBeale... I see she is now peddling her particular form of bigotry over on WordPress. Same gos-se, different address.

In any case, I am not even going to bother trying to act surprised at this news... Firearm carriers are, on average, more law-abiding than "average" citizens. This is a demonstrable, historical, documented fact. The screaming about "blood in the streets" that anti-rights cultists like SoBeale so frequently engage in is nothing more than hysterical fear-mongering, and should be regarded as such.

BobG said...

Every hoplophobe I've ever met was either completely ignorant of the facts, or a baldfaced liar.