Sunday, July 17, 2011

Canadian Confiscation

If I continue to repeatedly tell the government to "fuck off" they're not going to reason with me. They're not going to send a man in a suit and tie my door and politely ask for my guns. No, at some point in my interaction with them they will send armed federal agents to break into my home, forcefully arrest me, and seize my firearms. That's if they don't kill me in the process.
The truth of the matter is this. At a fundamental level every involuntary interaction that occurs between individual citizens and the government carries with it the implicit condition of coercive force.
There's nothing "voluntary" about this. The government has retroactively made a piece of private property illegal and told owners they have to hand the property over. Offering $1400 doesn't change the fact that the government is confiscating private property without the consent of those who own said property.
Kudos to these 15 brave gun owners. In the end though I suspect they were ordered to relinquish the weapons and did so.  The system is rigged.

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