Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Late-Night Open Carry

I just had a 20 minute conversation with an old man on the steps outside of my apartment while taking out the trash.

He was diagnosed with cancer last year at age 56 and had his lymph nodes removed. We talked about the grieving & the mental / emotional process he went through, about surgeries, and most importantly the benefits of a positive attitude during recovery.

Turns out the old man went to Leach School, a preschool for kids with disabilities. I went there as a kid. He also spent time at my hospital, A.I Hospital after being hit by a car when he was young. Small world, and Delaware's a small state.

At no point during my chat with this stranger did he say a word about the Sig P229R OC'd on my left hip. This surprised me given that it was on the side nearest him and right at eye level since he was sitting.

He immediately noticed my limp, which is what began the conversation. there was no reaction whatsoever to the gun, not even a stare or glance. I wish everytime OC'ing had such total non-reactions to the gun.

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Glenn B said...

Holy $#!+, does he know you are calling him an 'old man'??? He might take a whole lot more notice of that, than your gun, and kick your young butt from wherever you are all the way to Carnarsie if he knew it. Old man indeed! Heck, he is only 56! I can attest, what with my being 55, that 56 is not old - it’s just on the upward end of middle aged. Old age does not start until at least 60.

All the best,
Glenn B

Glenn B said...

Just wait until you hit 55 or 56 - you will fully understand my previous comment!

Laura said...

lol, Glenn, at 60 my dad's just starting to feel old. :P

Laura said...

er, at60 he WAS starting to feel old. he's now in his mid-60s.

Unknown said...

You're not old until you lose your sense of humor!

"I wish everytime OC'ing had such total non-reactions to the gun." This is not always the case? You need to move to Virginia, my friend. OC gets nothing but yawns here.

Weer'd Beard said...

He noticed, he just didn't care.

Obviously he also had ZERO concerns that you were a threat because he started up a conversation with you.

Not only is this how we win, this is how we realize we already won!

NotClauswitz said...

56 isn't old, 53 is!

Mike W. said...

Weer'd - That's probably because I'm a woman and not particularly scary, right? :P Even with a beard I'm just not threatening looking.

CTone - I don't got "OMG RUN!!!" reactions, but plenty of folks do notice, stare, glance at it etc.

Glenn - He's more than twice my age. That's old. FYI, my dad is 62.

Linoge said...

You pretty much just described almost every interaction I have had while openly carrying in Tennessee - no one cared. Granted, there are a few exceptions, but those folks were generally asking what it was I was carrying, whether or not it was legal (and, oh, by the way, they have permits too, so were interested in doing it themselves), or just thanking me.

Open carry is not the boogy-man the anti-rights cultists would have everyone believe... it never was.