Tuesday, July 19, 2011

They'll just take your gun and use it against you

We hear all the time from anti-gunners that you shouldn't bother having a gun for self-defense because criminals will just take it from you and use it against you.  Funny thing, because it panned out that way in this home invasion........for the criminal.

That said, if some armed man comes through your window at 4:50 AM it'd be a good idea to have a better means of self-defense than a frying pan.  I'm glad this woman had the will to fight back and that she and her roommates are safe.

This case reminds me of my poppop, who several decades ago fought off two home invaders (one armed, one not) with nothing but a baseball bat and a cast iron skillet.

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Anonymous said...

That happens a lot. I can honestly say I've seen many, MANY more stories of good guys taking guns from criminals and shooting the criminals than stories in which it happens the way the antis say it will.