Thursday, August 18, 2011

Craft Breweries

I love craft breweries.  I especially love craft breweries with a sense of humor.  Here's what I saw when I went to Magichat Brewing Co.'s website.

"Your browser, Internet Explorer 6, is old and feeble. We had to create this primitive, low-fat, no-salt version, just so your crappy browser wouldn't freak out. Download one of these newer, faster, more secure browsers and see what you are missing. If you cannot upgrade your browser, call your system administrator and complain."

I laughed out loud.

I haven't had a beer all week.  Maybe I should pick up some #9.


Laura said...

LOL, obviously you need to upgrade. :P

Mike W. said...

well IE within the system we do work on is on newer IE, but IE outside of it clearly needs an upgrade.

Laura said...

indeed. you know they've released IE9, right? :P i'm surprised your IT department is allowing that old beast to linger, since it's not secure at all.

45er said...

Magic Hat is good stuff. That's great. I love brewer's humor.