Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"I don't think you understand. These boys killed my dog."

The worst part about this story and others like it is that the perps didn't catch a group of jacketed hollowpoints.  I don't think I have to tell any fellow dog owners that your dog is more than just a piece of property.

If you have a dog pay attention to his behavior and trust his instincts.  They will often recognize a threat before you do.


45er said...

It's part of the reason some people have pets, for that initial alert and possibly protection. It's still sad when it happens, and yes you should absolutely end someone at that point.

Chuck Kuecker said...

Too bad the homeowners didn't shoot first. Those creeps need to try a house with an armed occupant next.

I have to wonder about this, though, from the first link:

"Seeming to confirm a case of mistaken identity, police made a search of the home and were unable to turn up anything of value that the robbers might have been looking for."

Is it standard procedure for the police to search a VICTIM'S home, and if so, did they get/have a warrant?

If police responding to my call asked to search my place, I don't know I would be willing to allow it, unless I felt they could find something to help catch the perps.