Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If a Tea Party group had done this

A union organizer keys a derogatory term into the car of John King, a rival, non-union employer in Ohio.  He is confronted by the homeowner and responds by pulling a gun and shooting the homeowner in the arm.

As the article states, King owns the largest non-union electrical contracting company in the area and local unions have been unsuccessful in getting his employees to unionize. Clearly the unions are trying to strongarm and intimidate the lone major holdout.  Since they've been unable to get what they want through the legal process they're engaging in liberal mob violence.  Repeatedly vandalizing his shop, he and his employees cars, as well as stalking and death threats.

The whole point of union membership is so that you can bargain collectively under the idea that a group with mutual goals can have more influence than one individual, thus benefitting the group as a whole.  I have no issue with the concept of unions.  In fact, I think this is logical and makes sense. 

What I do have issue with are the strongarmed mob tactics often employed by modern unions.  This starts at the beginning with mandatory union membership.  Freedom of association includes the freedom to choose not to join, but unions learned that compulsory membership would grow their ranks, individual choice be damned.  Besides, they're liberals, so compulsion and lack of individual choice are a feature, not a bug.  Having previously worked at a union job I've seen this first hand.  I had to join both the store union AND the meatworkers union when I started my job, yet they did little to nothing for me other than exact dues from every paycheck I earned.

So we have a pro-union organizer destroying private property parked in a man's driveway and then shooting the man when he went outside to investigate.  Where's the outrage?  Where's the media calling the Left "terrorists" or "extremists?"

How much do you want to bet union thugs wouldn't try that kind of shit in Texas?

How much do you want to bet the media would be screaming bloody murder if this had been a Tea Party supporter shooting a liberal union leader?

I mean hell, a Judge had to instruct striking union IBEW workers not to throw feces during their strike.  I am not shitting you.  That is the level of civility we see from the left, yet do you hear about it in the MSM?  No.  crickets.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Mr. King lives across the State Line in Michigan. If his home was in Ohio, he could have used "Castle Doctrine" and confronted the Union Thug in his Driveway with a Firearm. I'm not sure if he had the same "Right" under Michigan Law or not.

But after seeing what the Union Thugs are doing to State Capitols, and the AFL-CIO Head likes to quote Karl Marx, any bets on what Orgs are part of the "Vast LEFT-Wing Conspiracy?" Sure aren't the Tea Partys!

Anonymous said...

You sound as though you are surprised. I quote: "What I do have issue with are the strongarmed mob tactics often employed by modern unions."

You think there is a difference between the mob and unions? What is a union other than an extortion racket? It is a way of intimidating employers into higher wages and union workers into lower wages, and the difference is the vigorish, extracted in the form of union dues.

It is no coincidence that unions and corruption share so many headlines. The teamster's union is just another organized crime outfit.

Ask anyone who ever belonged to one of the corrupt unions how they coped with dissent (a quick visit to the alley in the company of some big bruisers is very persuasive).