Monday, August 22, 2011

A new level of anti-gun stupidity.

Newark, NJ held a gun buyback........for toy guns.  Nope, this isn't a joke.

"Several dozen children clutching water pistols and cap guns were lined up to exchange their fake weapons for books and non-violent toys."

 Somehow having little Timmah trade in his cap gun or super soaker is supposed to combat gun violence and violent crime?!  Well I guess we should be happy that a non-profit ran this one, although I could see The State of New Jersey deciding to waste its time and taxpayer money on something this moronic.

When did super soakers, water pistols, and cap guns become "violent toys?"


Spikessib said...

I remember reading about a school in MA that did that a while back. And also reading that several little boys were not happy about the exchange forced on them. When I tried to find the article Google listed several. MA, RI, NJ...I guess toy guns are the new project for the antis.

wv = swooche Careful or they will swooche down and steal your toys.

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Phillip said...

My 5 year old boy makes guns out of chicken nuggets... Be silly to take away a cap pistol.