Friday, August 12, 2011


No guns necessary.  Nope, these "misguided youths" were just playing an innocent "knock out game" whereby they killed a man and seriously injured his wife.  If we just institute stricter gun control we'll get rid of such wanton violence, right?

Things like this are why it irks me so much to hear anyone claim we have a gun problem.  No, we have a violence problem.  Actually, it's not even "we."  The black community by and large has a cultural problem with predatory violence. 

I've been called a "racist" more times than I can remember for stating the above, but it is nonetheless true.  Facts and violent crime data don't lie.  Hell, in Delaware the homicide rate from 99-07 among black males was nearly 8 times higher than it was among white males.  Homicide by firearm was nearly 12 times higher. (See CDC WISQARS)

The relative silence of the MSM in regards to these attacks is deafening.  If you had mostly white mobs attacking racial minorities, laughing and saying "black girl bleeds a lot" it would be on World News Tonight and everyone would want to discuss race relations.  When the roles are reversed we get silence, even though there's a clear racial aspect to many of the attacks.


Jay G said...

It's not just a violence problem; it's a criminal "justice" problem:

"Murphy was arrested twice this month on suspicion of larceny and trespassing, police said. Prosecutors have not yet filed charges in either arrest."

Arrested twice THIS MONTH, still out on the street, no charges filed.

But it's the guns we have to worry about. Too bad Mr. Nguyen didn't have a gun - he might still be alive.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Funny how there hasn't been a Presidential News Conference announcing some "Plan" to stop the Flash Mobs. It's as if the Anointed One is sanctioning these Hate Crimes. Pretty bad that the Mayor of Philly has done more to chastise the African-American Community than the "Nation's FIRST Black President", as I hear the Lamestream Media say over and over and over....but I guess that makes me a Racist, huh?