Tuesday, September 20, 2011

He needed killin'

Some people just need killin'.  I wish this monster had been leaking from a bunch of neat little holes at the beginning of his "journey."  Instead he put a young through a kind of terrifying, day-long ordeal I can't even begin to comprehend.*

People like Sarah Brady, our liberal governor Jack Markell, and anyone who opposes OC and shall-issue CCW in the state of Delaware should be ashamed of themselves.  They should have to stand face to face with women who have suffered like this and say "We are going to dedicate ourselves to making it harder for you to carry a gun for self-defense."

Oh, and the abductions occurred in broad daylight in a good area not far from my apartment, with at least one rape occurring in the Christiana Mall** parking lot.  A lot of good police and mall security presence at the Mall did this woman.

Stories like these are a big part of the reason I abhor the "just give them what they want" line of reasoning.  What if the thing the sick, violent predator wants is you? 

*two women actually.
** Christiana Mall is anti-gun of course.


Bubblehead Les. said...

I notice this waste of space decided to drop the Jury Trial and go with Judge Only. Now, we'll see if "Liberal Activism" rears it's ugly head and allows this Cretin to get away with the State Minimum, or does this Judge actually enforce the Law instead of saying "It's Society's Fault." Keep us informed.

BobG said...

I can only hope this POS gets a life sentence with a large "friendly" cellmate who has a hidden stash of Viagra.