Friday, October 28, 2011

Bring it, Hippie!

Dear OWS hippies,

I know some of you are violent, I know the kind of control you want necessitates violence against those who wont fall into line, but hippie please!  You don't bring edged weapons to a gunfight.

"you plan 2 fight against the 99 we lop heads off a few white kids you will fall in line"

Lopping off heads only works if you've disarmed us first.  Otherwise I don't think you've thought your cunning plan all the way through.

I wonder how many heads he'll be able to lop off while he's got a bunch of sucking chest wounds?

It's always interesting to see folks like this advocate for the slaughter of those they disagree with, particularly since their ideology is responsible for more death, mass genocide, and overall human suffering than anything else in human history.

H/T to Robb

Also, are these OWS Protests the "new tone of civility" the White House and liberal media were so adamant about claiming we needed during the Tea Party protests?  If so then the Left is doing a bang-up job of being civil, tolerant and non-violent.

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Anonymous said...

if the Tea Party had followed thru with its initial organizing goal of forcing government to punish the
banksters who collapsed the economy, there wouldn't be an Occupy.

many libertartian rightists, Ron Paul fans etc. are participating as well, and so are otherwise conservative Vets, so best cover your bases.