Thursday, October 13, 2011

Give me free stuff

Give me free shit.  Pay my tuition! Why?  Because I want it.  Oh, and if I don't get what I want I'll protest and whine like a spoiled little brat.  This is Socialism embodied and completely unsurprising given just who make up the bulk of these "Occupy ____" protestors.

It's also ridiculously ironic, given how much money corporations give to scholarship programs every year. (not to mention all the folks they employ) How many people would not be able to go to college were it not for "the rich?"  He might want to try complaining to his university about tuition.  If they're anything like my Alma Mater they just raise tuition like crazy every single year no matter what the economy is doing.  That's not Wall Street's fault.

You know what?  I want a free house.  Nothing fancy, a small, simple place in Fairfax off of 202 would do.  I think I'll go to an Occupy Delaware protest to complain that none of the rich bankers in my state have bought me a house.....  Oh, and a lifetime supply of bacon & Dogfish Head.  I want it, so give it to me!

Where is the "Obama is gonna pay my rent" woman?  She'd fit right in!

H/T to National Review Online


Bob S. said...

I talked about this on my blog -- I had my college education mostly paid for -- by the rich, the evil corporations they deride.

Of course, while my education was mostly free I still had to work for it.

Seems that the Something for Nothing Need to Occupy a Brain Crowd doesn't want to work for much.

That guy looks young enough that the military would be happy to pay for his college education - in 4 years. Any chance he'll enlist?

Weer'd Beard said...

I'm not going to write a blog post, but I still think I'm entitled to half of you and Bob's free shit!

Also I love that they're crushing so many small businesses with their disruption, but the "Fat Cats" on Wall Street and other big firms could care they should.

mike's spot said...

They just started one of these by me in Buffalo. I'm interested to see how long it goes/ how many people turn out.

Bob S. said...


My bills are free - I don't pay for them to be sent to me.

I'd be happy to ship you half of my bills.

Rick said...

The protestors demand that 'banks' forgive student loans. Why not the Universities that charge those ridiculous rates? Those Universities pay no income taxes and make about 20% profit. The banks merely make paying the outrages fees easier for regular people. Banks should cut their losses and get out of the student loan market all together. That might bring down the crazy fees, put more students to work and help remove themselves from the lefty propaganda trough.