Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs

After hearing the news of Steve Jobs' passing I decided to listen to his Stanford Commencement speech (on my iphone!)  Then, instead of blogging it I took his words to heart, got up off of my ass, and did something constructive.

Steve is right, time is limited and there's so much more you could be doing besides sitting around, iPhone in hand, writing stuff on the internet.  This is going to sound trivial, but I have to say that going for a 2 mile run and then spending an hour in the gym was a significantly better use of my time than what I would have done.

So, instead of posting the quote I was going to put up last night, I'll just refer you to Breda, who posted what I was going to.

Rest in peace Steve.  Your dedication, drive, and contribution to the world will never be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

VERY well said. That Stanford speech is one of the most life inspiring things I've ever listened to.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Yep, look at where Apple is today, and look where Microsoft is going. Jobs will go down in History right up there with Henry Ford, Thomas Edison,

BTW, RE your comment yesterday about Breda's new LCP. Zercool and I both test-fired the LCP and the LC9 at Jay's Northcoast Blogshoot this past summer. Neither of us like the Trigger, but for Back Pocket Carry while Jogging? You could easily hide the LC9. It's just a little bit bigger than the LCP, plus it's in 9mm, so it'll be cheaper to run Practice Ammo through it than .380. So for those of us who's Mitts are bigger than a Bread Box, I'd go with the LC9. YMMV, of course.