Monday, November 21, 2011

Fresh meat

Any suggestions for easy, tasty goose recipes? Sister's husband brought these back while I was babysitting and I've got a ziplock full of meat.*

Also, the kids liked playing with the dead geese, pulling off feathers and running around with them.

*I imagine in some places cutting the meat out of your kill on your front lawn is frowned upon, but their neighbors aren't PETA members. :)

My 7 year old nephew also went goose hunting recently, which is awesome!

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Laura said...

Do you have whole birds or parts? That sortof determines the answers you'll get.

Also: I'll point Chris over here. He made a goose for Christmas last year and the sauce for it was fantastic.

Chris said...

I stole the recipe frm Emeril. here

It turned out fantastic and so did the potaotes, but its a little involved.

Laura said...

Oh yeah, one more thing - goose produces a crap-ton of drippings. Even if you don't do the potatoes, make sure you save the fat (strain and filter, first) for cooking other things in it.

Mike W. said...

That sounds awesome, but I don't have the whole bird.

I have filets of meat they cut out while I was standing there, not the whole bird.

Laura said...

Well, if you have filets you have a lot of options, there.

I have not tried any of these, but they all look pretty tasty.

FightinBluHen51 said...

Depends on if you plucked them and breasted them, or plucked them for the whole bird.

This is semi-cheating, but you can also crock-pot "slow" cook them with lots of bacon on top, with some chicken broth, and season for your pallet.

You can also go the BBQ route this way, and pour a whole bottle of good BBQ sauce over them and let them roast all day.

Certainly, there is the more tedious tasks that Chris and Laura have given, but don't hesitate to try the slow cook for fall off the bone goodness.

Oh, and beware of steel shot! Especially if you have fillings.

Nancy R. said...

I can use the big wing feathers to make quill pens if you're just going to be tossing them anyway ...