Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Safe Space

So the Zuccotti OWS protesters have built a "safe house" housing only women protesters in order to protect them from rapists & other sexual predators.  How sad, naive and disgusting is that?  Why should these women have to huddle in a "safe house" for fear of being raped at a protest?

I'm sure this "safe house" will work about as well as "gun-free zones."  Hey! Why didn't they just call the whole of Zuccotti park a "rape-free zone," put up signs and be done with it?  Who the hell thought that the response to an obvious predator problem was to put all of the potential victims in one centralized location and then magically deem it a "safe place?"

You know where a woman's rape-free "safe place" should be?  All around her, and any rapist who attempts to forcibly violate that should eat lead.  End of story.  Instead a man forces himself on an OWS protester in Zuccotti where one reporter observes,

"The threat of rape is very real here -- for women and men."

Even worse, the reaction of the victim in the article is "I'll try and get him arrested in the morning."  It pains me to see such a "sit back and take it" mentality from the victim.  It angers me to see these things happening, the media largely ignoring it, and the OWS "communities" deciding to internally police the matter.

The picture accompanying this NY Daily News article just makes me shake my head and sigh.

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