Sunday, December 4, 2011

In honor of my new iPhone 4GS

Let me introduce you to "Shit That Siri Says"  I laughed out loud.

Now, you might think a new phone would mean more blogging, but every time I would sit down to blog I find myself doing other things these days.  There's going to be a lot less posting here at Another Gun Blog shortly, but I'll hold off on discussing that further until I know for sure, lest I jinx myself.

Also, this phone takes great pictures compared to the 8gb. 3G I was using.  Combine that with the tools in the new Instagram app and you get cool pictures, even from someone who isn't a photo guy.

On an unrelated note, you know you've got a well-behaved chocolate lab when he will sit next to you, off-leash and not move * while you snap a picture of the pond.

This post had more written but blogger ate it and I'm too lazy to re-type.  Insert words here about how I carried the Dan Wesson at a busy park, a happy couple took a liking to Zachary & played fetch with him, and not a single person had any reaction whatsoever to the big, shiny hunk of steel on my hip. That is the norm. Seriously folks, if you're hesitant about open carrying, don't be.


dave said...

A funny article about Siri.

Laura said...

n'awwww Zack. i love your dog.