Sunday, April 15, 2012

Interesting Read

This lady writes a CP related blog focusing on her daughter Darsie.  Ive found it to be a great read so far, as it's reminded me of a bunch of little things growing up.  She even has a post up about handicapped parking placards.  I never bothered to renew mine.  Maybe one day I'll suck up my pride and go do that.  Probably not.

I saw the picture on her most recent post and immediately thought "hey, I remember wearing those leg immobilizers."  That's the big, black soft thing strapped to her leg. The picture below that, Gait analysis tests.  You'd strip down to your undies and they tape velcro all over you and attach a million of those shiny little balls.  Then they'd have you walk around and then run around, videotaping everything.

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