Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quote of the day - Ryan

“The president’s attacks on our budget are as disappointing, as revealing as his attacks on the Supreme Court.....It seems that he takes anyone questioning his vision of limitless government as a personal affront and he’s lashing out. That’s hardly the kind of leadership we were expecting when he ran for office.”

-Rep Paul Ryan

It's completely unsurprising behavior from Obama for those of us who saw through the Hope & Change and realized what kind of man he was back in 2008.  The man has shown through his words and actions that he's a nasty, petulant, feckless narcissist and what we're seeing are little bouts of narcissistic rage that he can't contain in public.  Narcissists can't help it, it's what they do.

Obama doesn't have an intelligent response to Ryan, nor does he have any kind of solution of his own other than "more spending, more goverment, and more power for ME ME ME!"  Hell, the man's budgets aren't receiving a single vote in Congress, yet he's getting personal and nasty in his attacks on Ryan.

Frankly, Obama is demagoguing Ryan over a budget that doesn't even begin to go far enough and actually cut government spending.  Even more hilarious, he and his buddies are going after this when they haven't bothered with a budget in years!

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