Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quote of the Day - California OC

"The state government in California has for decades been hostile to gun owners. The actions of even the most egregious open carriers had nothing to do with that except to drag the politicians out into the light where everyone can see it."

- Knitbane in comments at Caleb's

He's absolutely right, as he is earlier in his comment where he says there are obvious ramifications for gun owners living in CA.  It's true.  Cali is a state which has no respect for gun owners, and where the general attitude of the State legislature is "Freedom!!?  We must crush it under our boot!"  California has been incredibly hostile to gun ownership for a long time.  As a result, gun owners have been marginalized (really anyone who loves liberty has been.)  This makes it far easier for totalitarian leftists to just run roughshod over them.

However, people who claim that OC in CA is "hurting the cause" are missing the big picture IMO.  For years California gun owners just went along.  For years they sold out their own, and for years many fled the state for free states.  In short, many of them did nothing.   They didn't rock the boat, they weren't "in your face" and look where it got them.  California is now at the point where they will not lift the boot off the necks of the gun owning population until the courts force them too.

Should Rosa Parks have moved to the back of the bus like a good little lady, lest standing up for her rights and being "in your face" might "hurt the cause?"  Should MLK have refrained from protesting in Birmingham and other areas of the south because they were more hostile to his rights?  No.  You fight for your rights, and shine a light on the petty tyrants in the pocess.

Do you know what sitting back, taking it and "doing nothing" gets you?  Nothing. Nothing but a slow erosion of your rights by leftists. If you do nothing, nothing changes.

Also, Rob Pincus is still an idiot.  And Yeager?  Why should I care what he says?  Isn't he the guy who had people forward of the firing line while people were shooting in one of his "training" videos?


FightinBluHen51 said...

Agreed, seconded and see me saying, yay, for good measure.

Earlier today, from another twitter user / blogger I saw where in mAss a man with a (ZOMG) pricing GUN had the cops called on him. We have come so far as to the point where a man with a pricing gun in his tan khakis at the local supermarket is a perceived threat to some Nancy. And why is this? Because the media has conditioned us to be "man with a gun is bad, mkay" that we can't even make people realize what they are seeing is just another tool.

Just like the pricing gun, a real gun, is just another tool, and one that is Constitutionally protected as an enumerated civil right. I seem to think that the two mentioned anti-OC guys have forgotten that precise fact. It appears the two aforementioned "trainers" have also forgotten in their anti-OC statements that the number one rule is avoidance of all conflict only preceded slightly by acute situational awareness at all times.

PMain said...

I think that what a lot of CA OC advocates missed was the move to forcing each county to a shall issue vs. may issue. The OC crowd was warned to hold back until more momentum could be made, especially after Sacramento became a shall issue county. The argument was hold off until other counties are forced to be shall issue & then we could have had both. They resisted & cost all CA residents that right.

Was there some OC movement or case that could possibly make a difference? No. Now resources must be spent to counter something that should never have been on the anti's radar. Those lost resources could have been used to fight against the handgun roster, the assault weapons ban, magazine capacity & every other anti-2A law on the books.

The 2A didn't even apply to CA until McDonald.

While I support the right to OC, the practitioners of it cost CA gun owners, period. What did they gain in return, nothing. Not a thing.

Now even more time has to be wasted covering legal arguments that should never have had to been made, against a law that would never have been passed if the OC crowd had paid attention to the long game.