Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quote of the day - free speech

"But something is deeply sick at the heart of the Republic when we have "free speech zones" on only part of public property. Yeah, even speech I dislike ought not be outlawed, corralled, hemmed in."

- Roberta X

Look, I've got very little respect for the "occupy" crowd, but those involved in "Occupy Clevelant" have the right to free speech just like any other American.  Restricting that right to "free speech quadrants" is antithetical to free America.

I have no issue with saying, after 7 months, that they can't squat in tents on public property, but the entire concept of "free speech quadrants" irks the hell out of me.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Yeah but get this. It seems they and they ALONE get to have the Quadrant 24/7. So if I wanted to set up a Counter-Protest exercising MY Free Speech Rights, I have to go someplace else, because that PUBLIC Park is now "Occupied."

So who's the one actually getting their Rights denied?

Roberta X said...

Everybody, Les.

It really is just like guns -- if you have to go begging 'umbly to the State, hat in hand, and then commit your $BASIC HUMAN RIGHT only in time, place and manner prescribed, it's no longer a right.

Left, Right or Whacko, who gets to use the Special Protest Place and who missed out 'cos they didn't fill out all the forms and ask Mother-may-I, that doesn't make an difference in the over-arching issue...though it may make the ones who go along with it willfully complicit. And that was a big part of my point.