Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quote of the day - Pants

"I carry everyday,"..."Now I've been doing it for so long that if I don't have my sidearm on me I just feel like I'm walking out the door with no pants on. It just becomes second nature."

- Steve - An OC'er from Oklahoma.

Clearly he's been talking to Robb Allen, who maybe one day will be able to put on some pants and open carry.

Read the entire article.  Most folks (other than some LEO's) either had a positive reaction to OC'ers, didn't notice, or didn't appear to care.  That's been my experience as well.  "Man open carries. Nothing happens" seems to be the norm.

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Alan said...

The same old arguments against open carry get so tiresome. Why do they think things will be different in Oklahoma than any other state with OC?

Is retention a problem anywhere else? NO.

Are there more shootouts with cops in OC states? NO.

Are open carriers targeted more by criminals? NO.

And who gives a crap what a sheriff's opinion on the law is anyway? Sheriff's enforce law, they don't get to decide what it is.