Monday, May 7, 2012

Quote of the Day - Trayvon Martin and the system

"I’m seeing some defending Zimmerman, and most demanding his head on a platter, and a whole lot of people who don’t understand how the justice system is geared to approach these things."

- Massad Ayoob

Ayoob flat out hits the nail on the head here.  A while back when this case was all over the news my roommate was all emotional, flustered and yelling because he wanted to "discuss" this case and I would not call for Zimmermans head on a plate.

You see, rationality and a call for calm is not met well by those who are being wildly irrational and emotional about this case.  In my roommates case it was simple.   He self-identified with Martin because he's black (part black actually), and he damn well had his mind made up after the first national news reports hit CNN.  He doesn't understand the legal aspects, the Constitutional aspects, what Florida law actually says, or how the system works from the prosecutorial side.  Like most of the country it seems, he doesn't care that he doesn't understand, and he sure as hell doesn't want what he doesn't understand explained to him by someone with far more knowledge than the average layman (especially of the prosecutorial process)

 I am not willing to throw out rationality and, more importantly, our most fundamental tenets of the American legal system because some kid got shot and killed.  If that makes me "callous," "unable to empathize" or hell, even racist, then so be it.

Things are looking better and better for Zimmerman legally in this case as the facts come out.  That doesn't matter.  The media and those who want to believe them will not care what the facts are.  I'm not even sure they are capable of / willing to put aside their emotions to objectively look at this case.

We have taught American's how to feel and not how to think.  So many wouldn't even understand what I meant if I told them they lacked objective means of determining truth from falsity.

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Jay G said...

You know how you can tell that the body of evidence is turning against angelic lil Trayvon?

Haven't heard a *peep* lately about this case, have you?

Oh, certainly, every once in a while a "Stand Your Ground" type case will pop up and Martin's name will be mentioned, but it will be in the same context that "bullying" and "Columbine" went together - the media tried like hell to force the case into a narrative that had no bearing whatsoever on what actually happened...

With Zimmerman looking for all the world like he was getting beaten pretty bad, and Martin going from angelic choirboy to drug-dealing thug, it's harder and harder to paint this as a simple "white racist shoots black child" like they want. So they let it lie and only return to it occasionally...