Friday, August 17, 2012

Obama - Liar-in-Chief

Obama is a pathological liar.  What's new?


Bubblehead Les. said...

It's as new as finding out that the Sun rises in the East.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for proving once again that Conservatives are spreading fear and hate.
He is not a Marxist or a Communist.
I knew when a black man would become President, slimeballs like you would demean this man, every change you get!
This, more than any other single tactic, clearly proves that they are willing to lie and demagogue any act by President Obama no matter how much they themselves wish they had achieved it. If Obama invented a drug that cured cancer, I have no doubt that the Republicans would immediately sponsor a bill to outlaw it.
The President painstakingly gave credit to all who participated in the mission that he personally approved against bin Laden, while protecting national security secrets far more scrupulously than the previous administration.
These racists...YES! I calling these a-holes racist cause that's what they are... are dishonest piece of trash and a disgrace to the U.S. military.
But since they hate the Black man in office, they are "Patriots" Please!

Ain't it funny how Republicans are complaining because President Obama has not helped his brother while being ready to pounce if he does. I can just hear it now, President Obama is showing family favoritism/nepotism. These lines of BS make me sick because the whole point of them is to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING to criticize President Obama.

Oh my GAWD, Obama is a terrible man for not supporting his beloved Kenyan half brother! Oh wait...has Barack EVER lived in Kenya? no. He lived in Indonesia for a few years, but the vast majority of his life was in the US. He hasn't gone to Kenya until briefly in 1987, and that was in order to get familiar with his Kenyan roots. Has he spent any time at all with his "brother" George? What do you think? George, along with the other seven half siblings, are related by blood only (the father, not the mother).

Also, George Obama himself had said: "he's (Barack) not supposed to take care of me".

Blow it our your ass, racists! You nor D'Souz don't give two squats about Obama's brother! Just using him as a prop to promote his BS racist movie against his brother, the president! He believes only Whites, Christians, and Republicans Are deemed americans. Anyone else..none!

D'Sousa is a right wing loon trying with this film to wring more out after his book bashing the president. Half brother George doesn't appear too upset with his life.

Obama has bent over back-wards to bring the nation together while the Republican legislators threw up road blocks. It seemed as if the only purpose they had was to keep Obama from being a two term president.
They should have concentrated on getting a decent candidate. These corporate puppets just don't get it for the working class.

You are and your cohorts are calling the current sitting President a traitor blaming him for all these yet to occur actions. Implying that we have a king, etc. and you are calling me an ungrateful jerk? You people are disgusting!
Again this is further proof I was right, Anyone who calls Barack Obama a fraud is, in fact, a racist, bigoted lyinh hypocrtical scumbag!
The party that creates and spews racist lies about the President Birth certificate, his idealogy, his religion, his personal life, his loyalty, etc. No other President had ANY of those this questioned, but then again, none of those Presidents were black!

obama is not a traitor nor a disgrace. he is not Communist, socialist, or marxist. he does not hate america. he is not racist. he is not muslim actually he is Christian. Obama does not have full control on our country, he is not a dictator.
Anyone who calls Obama a fraud and a POS is without doubt a disgusting racist, bigoted scum, and That’s a fact.

Windy Wilson said...

Dear Chicken$h!t anonymous of August 17 at 9:02 pm:

I can do that, too!
Clarence Thomas is black, you slander him, therefore you are racist slime!

The only difference is you think you're on the side of angels and so don't need to actually make reasoned criticisms about his decisions with pertinent facts.
Ad Hominem in criticism of President Obama or Justice Thomas is a sign and proof of racism. Reasoned criticism of policies with pertinent facts is not racism.