Friday, November 30, 2012

Fiscal Cliff "Deal"

For this post I'm not even going to get into what a sham the entire concept of the "fiscal cliff" actually is, but I did want to touch on Obama's plan in these negotiations.  Obama's concept of "negotiation" seems to be "do what I want, or else!"

The man is a complete and utter joke and his proposals should be laughed at by Republicans in Congress.

This?  This is his plan?!

Everything is framed as if the recalcitrant republicans won't budge on taxes for the rich, but isn't it really Obama who is trying to hold tax cuts for the rest of us hostage so he can have his "fuck the rich" moment?  So you want Republicans to "compromise" by caving and allowing taxes to be raised on the rich, capital gains taxes to be raised etc. etc. but what are the Dems and Obama giving up?

Clearly they're not willing to budge on spending, which any rational person could see is the crux of the problem here.  Hell, Obama's deficit reduction plan calls for more spending by way of a $50 billion dollar "stimulus" package.  Even more scary, he wants to be able to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling without Congress.  Anyone want to guess what the media would talk about for a week if a President Bush had proposed more spending and the power to circumvent Congress to raise the debt ceiling?

The sad thing is, I fully expect the Republicans to cave.

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Cargosquid said...

I don't care if they cave or if we go over the cliff. The entire "fiscal cliff" is an artificial crisis. Congress and the President invented, passed, and signed this deal. They can repeal it, if necessary.

It's all a game of "kick the can" and "screw the other guy."

Conservatives should walk out.