Monday, February 18, 2013

Anti-Gun blather.

The anti's spend an inordinate about of time talking about how antiquated and worthless the 2nd Amendment is as a bulwark against government tyranny because  of how much better armed the government is than you or I.  They say we would never stand a chance should, god forbid, such events ever occur.  You know, because all we have are standard capacity semi-auto rifles and pistols

Hell, they say this, yet at the same time claim what Obama did in his SOTU, the ridiculous lie that "cops are outgunned on the streets, yet they fail to see the glaring contradictions staring right at them.

Yet, at the same time that they say such things they expend a great deal of effort trying to deny us the very same rifles (and normal capacity pistols) that they claim would do us no good whatsoever against a tyrannical government.  What are they so afraid of?  If an AR-15 with numerous 30 round mags and a PPQ with a bunch of 15 and 17 round mags are worthless as a defense against tyranny then why is it so vitally important that hundreds of millions of people be denied the right to own them?

If the ownership of such weapons represents so miniscule a threat to those in power then why are leftist politicians trying to ban them and in some states confiscate the ones already legally owned?  I'd love to hear a leftist anti-gunner provide a rational answer to that, since even Biden crime control has nothing to do with it.

I don't condone what Dorner did at all.  He was worthless scum.  A murderer who deserved to rot in jail or get the death penalty (though he still deserves due process, which he did not receive.  He was hunted down and murdered and yet scant few seem to care)  That said, if Dorner showed us one thing, it was just how much havoc one man armed with basic militia weapons could wreak.  One crazy man exposed the utter ineffectiveness of the entire LAPD.  Multiply that by a few million, or even a few hundred thousand who are patient, deliberate and determined.  I am not one to romanticize revolution, not at all.  It would be ugly, terrible, and things would go to hell in a handbasket, but reality tells us it wouldn't turn out at all like the anti-gunners envision.


Bubblehead Les. said...

There is so much disconnect in their thinking, statements and legislation that one wonders how they ever got into a position of power in the first place.

Now that they have realized that millions of Citizens are arming themselves to defend themselves against the threat these Antis pose, they are now pushing the Talking Points that Arming one's self for a possible Revolution is useless, because the Government has Troops and Tanks and Swat Teams and Drones, etc.

Maybe the Antis just found out that the Troops and Tanks and Swat Teams may not go along with their Master Agenda? Oooops! And they are trying to tell the Citizens to "Pay no attention to the man behind the Curtain?"

See, here's one ray of Hope. The whole Anti-Gun Agenda is based on LIes that are Promulgated by the Anti-Gun Politicians. And those same Pols just woke up and realized that their Propaganda only works on the Sheeple. The rest of us (who are paying attention,that is) know is a load of Horse Manure, and we aren't falling into line. Just look at the Ammo Shortage.

So know what do the Antis do when they've reached the limits of their Power? There's a few States that will try to destroy the RKBA, but maybe 10-15. The rest of the Republic isn't playing. And as long as the Republican Leadership holds firm and prevents Anti-Gun Legislation from hitting the Floor, there's a Good Chance that the Courts can start to do some more Rulings against the States. So what do they do then?

Stay Tuned.

NotClauswitz said...

The Left is also lying whenever they (frequently) say, "An armed can not work against such a powerful army/police whatever." but their go-to response to seize power is what: armed insurrection...

Anonymous said...

When they are advocating a ban on "assault weapons," liberals shed crocodile tears for the police officers who are "outgunned" by the criminals. The rest of the time, they are condemning the police for brutality, excessive force (i.e., shooting back), and racism.