Friday, February 22, 2013

How anti-gun women view self-defense

On Squirrel Report last night Breda brought up the paternalistic, contemptible, consdescending attitude that liberal, anti-gun "feminist" Amanda Marcotte showed towards those who support the idea of women being able to own and carry guns to defend themselves from rape.

It turns out Marcotte wasn't alone.  A similarly despicable and irrational position was taken by another "enlightened" anti-gun liberal here in my state who blogs under the name "Pandora."

"Pandora"s views are so similar one might conclude she just grabbed talking points straight from Marcotte.

The post of mine which she takes such umbrage to was this one from yesterday.  I've said it before, but if what I write strikes a nerve and pisses off such people, especially when they're the kind of low people who consider gun owners getting shot to be a "public service" then I know I'm doing something right.

Also, she puts this in the body of the post as if I actually said it. 
Us: Mike, why do you need a gun?  What are you afraid of?
Mike: You’re the ones who are afraid. That’s why you don’t own a gun.
Given that this is just rank dishonesty, let me clear up that I've never argued such a point here or anywhere else.  I've never claimed that the reason anti's don't own guns is because they're afraid.  Truth be told I don't care one bit why they don't own a gun.  If they don't want a gun it's no skin off my back and no business of mine.  I care only about their desire to deny me my rights and deny me free choice by forcing me to live by their choices.  Don't want a gun?  Don't buy one.  Simple as that, and you need not justify your decision to not own guns to me or anyone else.

Of course she also refers to college students who are 21+ and have gone through the process and decision to CCW as "kids."  I see this consistently from anti's.  Funny, I fail to see how treating grown, intelligent, rational 21+ year olds as "kids" empowers them.  It doesn't.  Rather it infantilizes them.   Folks, this is your "war on women" in a nutshell, and it fits perfectly with Rep. Salazar's comments about how stupid & irresponsible women are, and its coming from the left.

Her argument boils down to the idea that having a gun probably wouldn't keep a young woman safe from a rapist and then says no one on college campuses should be allowed to carry.  I'm fairly certain women who have been through such an ordeal would take a "probably," a fighting chance over being disarmed.

I'm just going to go ahead and quote her last bit and let is stand on it's own.  Well that and her sick desire to see gun owners killed. At least she's right on one thing. This is about more than just rape and self-defense for women.  It's about anti-gunners wanting to deny everyone the right to self-defense on campus.

"This “shoot your rapist” talk is a cheap ploy.  Worse, it has nothing to do with rape and everything to do with the capability to arm yourself to the teeth – specifically, Mike’s ability to arm himself to the teeth while lying to his father about bringing guns into his father’s home.  Talk about an irresponsible gun owner, who’s now hiding behind rape victims to keep his toys. It’s unbelievably insulting.  Mike uses women and rape for his own self interest.  The Colorado ban isn’t about female students and rape.  It’s about all students.  It’s about college/universities not wanting guns on their campuses.  That’s it.  And that’s enough."

Got that ladies?  Having the means to defend yourself by shooting a rapist is just a "cheap ploy" that "has nothing to do with rape.  Yeah, I'm sure Ms. Collins would agree....

Presumably this is what got her panties in a bunch about how terribly irresponsible I am.  It we want to talk about irresponsibility let's talk about Joe Biden encouraging people to commit what in DE would be a whole slew of crimes. (the founder of Delaware Open Carry is quoted in the linked article, by the way)

This actually gave me an idea for another post that I'd like some opinion from readers on.  I promise it won't involve me quoting any anti's.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, you heard me last night thinking out loud that this whole "No Guns for Women!" propaganda that came out of nowhere is actually Talking Points being distributed by the Anti-Gunners to their MSM and other Media Cronies.

After all, if a Woman wants to purchase a Firearm for Self-Protection against Rapists, Murders,, then She has the Right to do so as soon as she is Legally Able. And yes, to the Anti-Gunners out there, the Supreme Court ruled years ago that the Second Amendment does imply Private Gun Ownership for Self- Defense. Go look up DC vs. Heller. And that ruling is just as Valid as Roe vs. Wade.

But I'm thinking that it may not be Fear, but Control. I mean, with the large number of New Gun Owners being Women, this must be sending Shockwaves through the Anti-Gun Liberal Crowd. One of their major Voting Blocks has decided to leave the Nanny State and take care of themselves? Blasphemy! This must be stopped NOW!

C,mon, even Joe Biden says his Wife should grab the Double-Barreled Shotgun and use it to Defend herself if need be. So are they going to Attack Joe Biden for his Pro-Gun Stance for Women?

Finally,about this 21+ "Kids" Crap. As someone who spent his 18th Birthday in Boot Camp, I don't know what kind of 'Kids" these fools are hanging out with, but there's a whole bunch of 18/19/20/21 year olds sitting in Afghanistan trying to take out a Bunch of Terrorists with their "Evil Assault Weapons of War."

Pssst! Keep this under your hat! Some of those "Kids" are Women AND they use ARs with 30 round Magazines!

Anonymous said...

It is not surprising that liberals refer to legal adults as "kids." It is a tactic they've used for years. A 20-year old bank robber shot in a gunfight with with police is a "youth." A 22-year old burglar shot in self-defense by a homeowner gets counted in statistics as "a child killed in a handgun accident." A 19-year old armed robber shot in self defense by a storekeeper is "a boy killed by a gun."

Anonymous said...

Marcotte is scum. I'm pro2A, a gun owner, and a Men's Rights Advocate. We've been hearing Marcotte's male-hating sexist talk for years. Underneath the surface, there is an um 'interesting' connection between the movement to disarm citizens and the pro-feminist anti-male police-nanny state the feminists are pushing to create.

breda said...

Of course she also refers to college students who are 21+ and have gone through the process and decision to CCW as "kids."

Right, and yet Marcotte (and her sister feminists) thinks a knocked up 13-year old is adult enough to decide to get an abortion without parental notification.