Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quote of the Day - What Side?

As a man, I am perfectly comfortable for every law abiding woman being a deadly threat to any man who wishes to take physical advantage of her. What side are all these “Progressives” on?

-Weer'd Beer'd

What side indeed.  The left wants to make sure that women will be at a physical disadvantage against most men, yet somehow these same folks can claim they stand up for "women's rights."

And really, the whole women part of it is window dressing.  The anti's are on the side of the criminal.  They want to keep us at a physical disadvantage against criminals regardless of gender.  I mean I'm in decent shape and a lot stronger than I look, but if someone pushing 200 lbs and up is trying to kill me I'm at a serious disadvantage.

I am perfectly comfortable with a law abiding woman or man being a deadly threat to those who engage in predatory violence.  It really is that simple.

Anti-gunners are not comfortable with a handheld means of stopping predatory violence being in the hands of the weak. Why? because they fear us and would rather coddle the predatory element of society.

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Anonymous said...

Anti-gunners are political liberals, and therefore have the same attitude as criminals: they have it, we want it, let's take it. That goes whether it's a mugger stealing your wallet, a rapist forcing you to have sex with him, or a politician raising your taxes.