Thursday, April 18, 2013

Poor, Poor POUTUS

Yup, the President and VP are acting like two petulant little pouty crybabies. They're acting like mommy told them to sit down, shut their yap and go to timeout in the corner. I'll tell you what. Looking at the anger on Obama's face over not getting what he wanted leaves me thrilled. His face is priceless. Any day that man is pissed off because he was unable to demagogue, lie, and browbeat freedom into submission is a great day for Liberty and for America. Obama calls it a "Shameful day for America" Yup. That's Obama. When liberty prevails it's "shameful" Shit, he's more animated and angry over this personal defeat than I've seen him yet. This bothers him more than Benghazi, Aurora, Sandy Hook, etc. etc. Then again, this was a personal defeat. Obama got his ass handed to him, and malignant narcissists like him lash out in emotional tirades when that happens.

Here's a transcript of Obama's remarks.  Sad panda.  Full of BS and outright lies, all the while claiming the NRA "willfully lied" when they did nothing of the sort.  I love his claim that the bill "outlawed any registry"  Oh suuuure, and the bill that created Social Security outlawed SSN's being used for indentification purposes too.........


Bubblehead Les. said...

Wonder how much Cheese was bought by the White House to go along with all that WHINE?

Anonymous said...