Monday, April 22, 2013

Quote of the Day - Gun Control Future

If you could take supporters of gun control into the future - a future in which they had won - and show them the violent dystopian wasteland they had created, they wouldn't care.
Oh, wait...never mind. No need. Chicago already exists."

- Breda Fallacy

Or Caracas, or Juarez, or Killmington, or, insert any liberal big city in the U.S. here.  Not only do they not care, but they will never admit reality.  It's always, without fail "But it'll be different this time."  They are, above all else, religious fanatics.

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Anonymous said...

It's no good pointing to Chicago or New York as an example. Leftists will just say that the problem is caused by guns being smuggled in from other states (which have lax gun control). Typical left-wing attitude: "If I have a problem, it must be someone else's fault." Or, they will say that the current gun laws don't go far enough. Also typical: "Our policies failed, so we need to do more of the same and hope for a different result."