Sunday, April 14, 2013

"AR15's - They're Harder to Aim, They're Harder to Shoot"

Joe Biden thinks AR-15's are terrible guns for women. "Buy a shotgun!"

My mom is small & not very strong. She has a surgically repaired left shoulder & that arm is still weak and a bad thumb on her shooting hand. She also hasn't shot a long gun since shooting once at a police range in 1997.

Today she put the first rounds through my new Midlength AR. (Upper is a brand new Daniel Defense)

Turns out I killed the batteries in the EOtech last night and the replacements were in my desk not my range bag, so we used iron sights.

Mom shot at I think 10 and 15 yards. Our range only goes out to 25 yards.

She shot a fist sized group as a total novice and having never shot an AR before. Hand her a double barreled shotgun & there's no way she's that effective.

Besides, she liked it because "it doesn't kick at all." Hand a small women whose new to guns a double barreled shotgun & I bet she won't find it too enjoyable.

My aunt showed up while I was showing mom how to clean everything and mom was explaining to her how these evil, scary guns they want banned are fun to shoot, have no recoil and make little holes. Oh, and "they work just like my little .22. You have to pull the trigger each time you want the gun to shoot"

My aunts words?

I wanna do that. When can we go?"

She also happens to be a pretty darn good shot with my PPQ. I put a 1 inch shoot NC on the bullseye. Mom put her First two rounds right through the center.


Glenn B said...

That is tempting, gives me the idea maybe I should bring my mom to the range, to try to do likewise with one of my son's ARs. Then again, my mom is 88 and would have to go to the range in a wheelchair but maybe it is about time she sees why I like shooting so much.

Alan said...

Sure they don't kick much but you do have to get used to the sproing of freedom.

It's kinda like anti-lock brakes. Weird until you get used to it.

Bubblehead Les. said...

I don't like the AR System, nor the .223 Remington.

But the older I get, and the fact that the Wife doesn't like the .308 Class Battle Riffles, etc. there will come a time when we have to Downsize.

Right this instant, two .30 carbines are our "His and Her Guns," but I know that the days of Cheap Milsurp Ball for Practice are LOOOONG gone.

But Damnit, it sure was fun using an FN-FAL to cut up Rims a couple of years ago!

Anonymous said...

"Harder to aim, harder to shoot"? That's the conclusion upon which Biden bases his facts. One reason that the armed forces use the AR-15 type system (in the M-16 and/or M4) is that the .223/5.56mm is easy to shoot. And they have to train a lot of recruits who have never fired a weapon before. A lot of police departments seem to be trading in their shotguns for AR-15's (or Ruger Mini-14's). That may be partly for higher magazine capacity, but also because .223's are easier to use.