Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Angela Corey's Malfeasance - Zimmerman and Beyond

If there's a reason to stay out of Florida it's not Stand Your Ground and potential George Zimmerman's.  Nope, it's Angela Corey.

Ian Tuttle writes about Corey's history of retribution, corruption and unprofessional behavior.  I can happily say that not one of the Delaware prosecutors I've met has been this kind of person.  In fact, at least in my state many of them are the type to say "Look, maybe he did it, but we do not have enough evidence to charge him and win the case" and then do the right thing and not charge.

I had actually forgotten about what Corey did to Dershowitz until I read this.  It's the behavior of a belligerent child who cannot take reasoned criticism, not the behavior of a professional adult.  Obama and Holder of course are much like Angela Corey.  Dershowitz was right.  Corey's charging affidavit was bogus.  It was laughable.  I actually laughed out loud during the trial when the prosecution tried to allow 3rd degree murder - child abuse as a potential charge.  I mean that wasn't even a reach, it was a bizarre add-on without any sound legal foundation, at least in my non-lawyer opinion.  It was a true what the fuck moment and made it clear just how desperate and weak the prosecution really was in this case.

And then there's her comment on HLN national news.  She gets on national TV and calls Zimmerman a "Murderer" after he's been acquitted.  I have never seen or heard of a prosecutor anywhere in the U.S.A. doing something so despicable after a verdict goes against them.  There's always grace, deference to the judgment of the jury, praise of the legal system.  I can't think of any time where a prosecutor went to the media immediately after losing a murder case, gave the jury the finger (figuratively) and called the man she just tried "Murderer."

Even with an acquittal, everything about this case is a travesty of justice.  That said, can you imagine the long term damage done to civil rights and the American justice system if Zimmerman had been found guilty?

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Sounds like she wants to be the next Janet Reno. Look up what happened to her when she went toe-to-toe with Mas Ayoob.

And the Governor SHOULD Fire Her.