Friday, August 2, 2013

Why Guns?

Why guns? Because things like this can and do happen. This is why I don't respect anti-gunners. They see this outcome, where armed men herd everyone into one room of the house, rob them, then take a woman to another room and rape her as preferable to the woman pulling a gun as he tries to force her inside and shooting his ass dead. Oh, and look here. In typical liberal News Journal fashion they omit the race of the shithead home invaders. The Dover Post on the other hand, gives an accurate description of the suspects, who were black.


Anonymous said...

If the woman HAD shot her attackers, then the News Journal would have considered race relevant. The "black youths" would be portrayed as kids on the way home after buying candy and iced tea. She might have ended up going through the same ordeal as George Zimmerman. As it is, leftists will ignore the incident, or they will point out that "no one was killed." Yeah, the intruders were not killed. And now they are running around loose, attacking other innocent victims. And the rape victim will spend the next year having to be tested and re-tested for HIV.

Anonymous said...

That's right, having a gun for responsible ownership and self defense against lawlessness is a right.

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Gun if is for self defense and its a right to own guns provided it is used responsibly.